Social Media - Multi-location Small Businesses | East Shores Agency

Social Media can be tricky for a small business. It requires dedicated time and effort each day to carefully craft engaging content in your business’ network. Then multiply that by the number of social media platforms. This then gets muddied further in the case of a multi-location small business. Do you set up a profile for each location or do you maintain a central hub for all social media activity?

We’ve decided to create a pseudo set of questions that you should ask yourself.

1.      Consider the proximity of each location, does it make sense to have separate profiles for each business. If employees, deals and products are interchangeable, we would argue keep it simple and only have one. You should definitely create two Google My Business Locations, Facebook Places, etc. (of course N.A.P [Name, Address, Phone] consistency is very important).

2.      How much oversight do you require, in the case of franchises and licensing businesses. If you absolutely need consistent messaging then stick with the central hub. However, as the saying goes, “think global, act locally”. Perhaps, allowing businesses to operate their social media to reflect relevant local nature can be more effective.

3.      Do you have the capacity to operate individual social media profiles for each location? It takes a lot of time and oversight to coordinate coherent messages but tailored for each location.

What are your thoughts regarding multi-location businesses and their social profiles?