Digital Display Advertising | East Shores Agency

With digital display advertising projected to exceed $37 billion in the United States this year and the controversy behind major players pulling their display network after their client’s ads were shown on extremist videos, we wanted to take a look at the state of display advertising.


As a refresher, digital display advertising involves paid space within digital space that often involves rich media like photos, videos, GIFs and other sponsored content. This rich media is often displayed in the forms of banner ads, billboards (on websites), interstitials and to an extent, “native sponsored content”. That being said, this form of advertising offers companies a highly visual and creative way to advertise on usually* (we’re looking at the Google debacle) highly targeted audience. Google’s display network boasts their reach exceeds “over two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet”. With that reach, advertisers are sure to reach their brand’s target markets.

However, in our opinion, the big draw back from display advertising is that it is often ignored. Whereas paid search insinuates consumer intent, display advertising is often consumed far more passively. This is why, if going the display route, that it is crucial to hone in on your target market and place highly relevant and captivating ads. Furthermore, consider adblocking software and tech issues pertaining to the viewability of display ads.

So why use it? Display advertising provides advertisers a great amount of flexibility, A/B testing compatible and insights driven from these advertising networks. Many advertisiers note its ability to increase brand awareness and perception as a "big player". However, make sure that display advertising aligns with your marketing goals. Consider what conversion goals are you aiming for and if display advertising will help you achieve those goals, know that the vast amount impressions are far more passive than with paid search.

What are your thoughts on display advertising?