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A little while ago, we posted an article from AdAge detailing the importance of personalized marketing and what it means to millennials. This tactic of personalization goes way back before digital marketing and should be continued offline as well. Think of times when you enter a business and they remember you by name, it is a good feeling.


There are countless tools to help your brand custom tailor your brands message advertising (like Google’s Dynamic Remarketing) to using variable tags to personalize an email marketing campaign. The fact of the matter, is that it is here to stay and is very beneficial. Marketing Profs reported that, “Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average 19% increase in sales”.  Now while this sounds like it can be a daunting and potentially expensive strategy to undertake, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We are a firm believer in maintaining CRM’s for this fact, while traditional at its core, sending different advertising messages or promotions to different levels of customers can be rewarding for customer loyalty. Going a step further and implementing a remarketing strategy via Google, which will push search and display ads to prospects who have previously visited you site. If you are an eCommerce site, you can enable previously viewed/purchased products by setting up accounts. All very feasible, sensible and non-invasive tactics.

We recommend, however, is that you go a step further. Build customer profiles, understand where they are not only in their purchasing cycle, but their life cycle as well. Being hounded year around regarding gifts is a nuance. Use subtly when personalizing, in fact a recent Business 2 Community, explains that focus more on making messages, less obviously personalized.

As for everything marketing, TEST EVERYTHING.

How is your brand catering to your community?