The Conundrum of Instagram | East Shores Agency

As the use of Instagram and Snapchat become more prevalent among Millennials and Facebook declines, business owners and marketer must begin to learn how to adapt these newer platforms to benefit their own business.

Instagram, within the past couple months, has become a hybrid of the image heavy Flickr, the advertising prowess of Facebook, the hash-tagging explorer of Twitter and the “in-the-moment” spontaneity of Snapchat. It is the best and worst of all social media wrapped in one. However, arguably, one of the biggest drawbacks from Instagram is the absence of active links in post descriptions. This presents an enormous challenge to drive traffic to relevant owned content. Most people are very, very casually browsing social media, especially on Instagram. So to get someone to stop scrolling, you need to present something standout; even more, standout to get them to view the Instagram profile and then click the link or button to complete the conversion.

So here is how to A.C.E. Instagram (yeah, we went there).

  • Ad’s – one way to easily add “active” links to a user in conversion is through paid or sponsored content. Instagram, bought out by Facebook in 2012 for $1billion, now has the same proprietary advertising targeting to really hone in on your business’ target market. Recently, Instagram has added an eCommerce feature – further shortening the distribution/sales channel.
  • Creative beyond the square – while you can dress up the perfect photo shoot and load it up with relevant and trending hashtags. There are other ways stop a casual Instagram browser in their tracks. Take A$AP Rocky’s profile for example – his social media manager/art director loads up his profile with large-scale collages which only make sense when viewed from the profile (AS OPPOSED TO THE INDIVIDUAL POST). Now, you have someone on your profile whose more likely to take a convertible action. There are a number of other tools you can use – from Boomerang, Swipeable, Big Grid, etc.
  • Enticing Content – well-shot images with the proper proportions is a great start to begin to stand out. However adding an ever better description or some form of a call to action to drive people to visit your Instagram profile is the icing on the cake.

What is your experience with Instagram?

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