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Attracting dedicated and strong talent is tough and often times expensive. In-fact the average cost to fill at position is $4,000 and an average of just under 2 months, according to Beamery. With more and more job seekers going to the internet to do research as well as applying to jobs, maintaining a reputable and favorable brand image is more crucial than ever. In fact, back in 2015 INC reported that, “79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job search. This figure increases to 86 percent of younger job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers”.


Love it or hate it, reviewing platforms play a major role in not only swaying the opinions of your consumers but also your ability to attract talent.

What do we recommend?

Be active on LinkedIn, on social media and in real life – Networking is still and by far the main way of attracting new talent. Best-selling author, Lou Alder, conducted a recent survey that stated up to 85% of jobs are filled via networking. With social media, the ability to stay in contact and reach phenomenal talent is easier (and harder) than ever before. Now not only are you able to expand your network, but your competitors are too. Therefore, it is essential that you are constantly networking online and offline.

Engage with reviews, professionally – Often times when a customer (or a potential hire) is researching a company they look at some reviews. Thanking positive reviews, trying to appease negative ones, answering questions are all great ways to show that your brand cares. We can translate this to the reviewing systems on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed where people comment their experiences within the company and during the hiring process.

Applicant rejection, personalize it – As big and anonymous the internet makes the world feel, it is smaller and more interconnected than ever before. Leaving a generic rejection email or worse yet, not replying, is a shallow and too common occurrence. Differentiate yourselves from the pack and give the applicant something to work towards so they hopefully apply again in the future. They’ve already shown that they are interested in the company, keep it that way!

Benefits beyond a 401k and health insurance – Build community, build brand loyalty within your company. Your current employees are your strongest assets so treat them like it. More often they want to be challenged intellectually and grow professionally. Why not nurture them and give them responsibilities that they are genuinely interested in. If anything, you’ll likely relieve yourself of some of your, likely overbearing, workload.

Do all this with the intention of being transparent and affable. Being genuine and respectful to job seekers, current employees and customers alike will differentiate your company from the faceless corporations.

How do you maintain an excellent brand reputation internally and externally?