The Future of Advertising - IoT | East Shores Agency

With the launch of Snapchat’s IPO earlier this month, the future of advertising has never been so exciting. Experts are forecasting an estimate of $770 million in advertising revenue in the Snapchat platform ALONE! This is excluding all other major social media platforms, not to mention tradition. With advertising shifting from the traditional forms towards more futuristic platforms of virtual reality, augmented reality and the ever-mysterious “Internet of Things”, the possibilities of reaching your target audience in new and exciting ways are becoming limitless. I wanted to take the time to take a look at a couple really neat things companies are doing regarding “futuristic” advertising tactics within the Internet of the Things.

First and foremost, you may’ve realized that Doritos did not place in advertising the Super Bowl this year. Instead Frito-Lay, the company behind the beloved independent Super Bowl snack advertisements, opted for a different approach. This year, in conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber, the Frito-Lay brand, Tostitos, created a limited edition “Party Safe” bag. According to the AdWeek article, this bag detects trace amount of alcohol on a person’s breath using a micro-sensor. If alcohol is detected, it will turn the bag red and deliver a $10 Uber ride code in effort to curb spike in drunk driving that often follows the game. Pretty neat way to promote awareness as well as the goodwill of a brand!


Other Internet of Things that are being produce range from “Smart Spoons” that tell you what flavors of mustard you enjoy the most to Netflix commitment rings to make sure your binge-watching partner doesn’t watch ahead in a show ( Most of these products are being created with the intent to drive customer loyalty, some have more practical purposes like Samsung’s Smart Fridge (which hopefully doesn’t burst into flames [cue John Oliver clip]) which will let you keep track of the expiration date of the perishables within the fridge.  

Although, physically creating an Internet of Things advertising product for you brand will likely not be relevant to your brand (or within production costs), it may be worthwhile to brainstorm possibilities of new ways your brand can reach your target audience. Being ahead of the curve and creating an early mover advantage We at East Shores Agency, always recommend being proactive and agile when it comes to your marketing and advertising strategies. With the rate of technological innovation becoming too comfortable with your current practices may result in crucial missed opportunities.

What steps are you taking to build a lean and responsive marketing plan? Let us know in the comments below!