The Power of Marketing Automation | East Shores Agency

Ever feel bogged down by mundane tasks pertaining to email or social media marketing? Constantly working on the ever-expansive list of marketing tools and platforms designed to reach niche customers? There is a cure for this, although it is not a set it and forget it remedy, it can help grow leads and engage customers and prospects. Marketing automation; specifically email, search and social media automation.

Marketing automation is designed to automatically generate various marketing messages to customers along the conversion funnel. And while this may sound like another buzz word, it can be very powerful if implemented in an authentic and purposeful way. In fact, "53% of marketers say continued communication and nurturing of their existing customers results in moderate to significant revenue impact", according to DemandGen’s report, Customer Marketing: Improving Customer Satisfaction & Revenue Impact.

The Good – Where email automation and remarketing really thrive is sending reminder messages to prospects who’ve viewed certain areas of your web page or have abandoned shopping carts before checkout. By custom tracking events and URL’s, you are able to serve dynamic (personalized) content within your messages (email or Google Display ads). Northern Brewer, for example, a fairly popular online homebrew website, tracks when products are viewed and not added to a shopping cart. They then send an email to the viewer reaffirming their good taste and offering to answer any questions.


This can also be done with Google using Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to deliver dynamic remarketing content based on actions a viewer took on your website. While this requires a bit more hard coding.

The Bad – There are several areas that generally deter marketers from using marketing automation or question its usefulness. If poorly implemented, it can ruin the customer experience and/or come off as spammy. Good examples of this are relentless email follow-ups or email sign-up forms. Requiring invasive information such as physical addresses can be seen as creepy and offputting. Therefore, it is important to understand what are the bare requirements of information needed and the idea amount of outreach to be done with the automation.

 Our Recommendation:

               A/B test everything – learn the optimal subject lines, send times, segmentations. Contrary to what many digital marketing “hacks” claim. There is no one-off solution to instantaneously grow hot leads. It takes time to analyze and craft new or refined content (social media, email, traditional, etc.). Every industry, network, location respond differently to different triggers and brand associations. Hence, A//B test everything.

Set-up automated email triggering events on your website, then view those clients actions. However, never buy an email list, it is a surefire way to attract more spam triggers to your emails. We recommend having a very visible email list sign-up form on your website and social media and then confirming the email address again once they are signed up. This way you can be certain that the follower meant to sign up and is interested in what you have to offer. Going further, now you are able to track what events

               Set-up social media remarketing and use their insights – A greatly underutilized tool are the social media insights tools. Facebook’s, for example, can provide what time of day your followers see your posts, the demographics, and more. Coupling this with their “Pixel” tool, you will be able to set-up a Facebook Ad remarketing campaign. As we mentioned before, you can also provide another form of remarketing through Google AdWords in which you can deliver dynamic content passed on what they have previously viewed.

               Ultimately, marketing automation should be funneled so that viewers will reach a live person to close the deal. Many people perceive marketing automation as a robot, un-human form of marketing. Avoid this by clearly defining your conversion and touchpoint funnels and deliver a human experience during these funnels.

               We are interested in hearing how you have implemented marketing automation and what your thoughts are on it? Please reach out to us should you have any questions!