Instilled with Midwestern values of persistence and self-reliance and inspired by the perfection and innovation of Swiss timekeeping, the East Shores Agency encapsulates this approach to building digital presences. You want concise, pretension-free and actionable information on your digital marketing strategy and that is the what we intend to deliver.

We believe that adaptation, experimentation and continual learning are good. We believe that to truly grasp a concept fully and differentiate a business, it requires an active and continuous analysis of the business and its environment.

This is who we are and this is what the East Shores Agency delivers. We analyze and dissect complex problems and resolve and implement them into simplified, meaningful answers. We strive to bring you honest, measurable and encompassing solutions to your business' digital needs. We bring to the table a deep understanding and passion for all things digital, whether it be: S.E.O., S.E.M., email marketing, social media, digital analytics and online reputation management.

We would love it for you to stand next to us! Do not hesitate to reach out (we don't bite).